Aspen Digital

Ryan Merkley

Senior Technology Fellow, Aspen Digital

Ryan Merkley's headshot.

Ryan Merkley is the Senior Technology Fellow at Aspen Digital. He works across a variety of topics, including AI, open source, intellectual property, data and privacy, and information integrity. He recently served as Managing Director for Aspen Digital, and was Director of the Commission on Information Disorder. Prior to joining Aspen, Ryan was Chief of Staff at the Wikimedia Foundation. He is an affiliate of the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, and the founding chair of the Flickr Foundation. Previously, Ryan served for five years as CEO at Creative Commons, was Chief Operating Officer of Mozilla, served as Director of Corporate Communications for the City of Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games, and was a Senior Advisor to Mayor David Miller in Toronto, where he led the Mayor’s budget policy and initiated Toronto’s Open Data project.